Life & Style Coaching

You’ve done it all and continue to do it all. You’ve been pulled in every direction possible. When every day seems to be an endless list of roles to fulfill and tasks to be accomplished, where does that leave you?

For over 30 years, Denita has navigated through a long list of roles and everyday tasks, while serving in ministry + raising her family of 7. Denita has persevered through various seasons of difficulty to discover truths about freedom, God-given gifts and purpose and identity.


Now, Denita wants to help you discover what that freedom looks like. Through one on one life and style coaching Denita will equip you to live out [know] your IDENTITY and fine-tune your PRIORITIES, So that you can have the CLARITY to move with CONFIDENCE as you IMPACT others for the kingdom of God.

We are all a work in progress. Connect with Denita today to help you continue the work He has started and to move you forward in a new direction.