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A Woman Like You

I serve as president of A WOMAN LIKE YOU FOUNDATION. AWLYF was founded by my late sister, Asia, in 2014. She fought cancer for many years, all the while as a single mother, helping encourage and assist anyone she could. Asia started the foundation to assist with the basic needs of women who, like her, were single and battling cancer. She wanted to lighten their burden in any way possible. Today, with my family, we continue her heart to love and encourage through A WOMAN LIKE YOU FOUNDATION.

You can check out our website for more information, resources, and donate to help. 

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Proceeds go to educating and helping women directly in our local community. This is how we honor her legacy and her love for others.

Women's Ministry

I absolutely love serving as a leader in Women’s Ministry, among other roles in my local church, Southeast Christian in Louisville, Kentucky. I get to teach, mentor, and disciple women in the application and study of God’s word.

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